Are you ready for a Miracle Year and make 2020 Your Next Level Life?

For many, 2020 will end in unfulfilled dreams and the same depressing outcome as

previous years.


You're a bit closer to being the person you were born to be, but you are ready for 

the necessary steps to become her in all of her POWER.


Because what happened to you when you were a child that led you to behave in

ways that don’t serve you is NOT your fault…..




It IS your responsibility to heal now that you are awakening. You are an adult with

amazing powers! The possibilities are truly endless!


You do have to work!

It is a daily grind!

It is a process!


And this is where most go wrong, they want a quick fix.

A year goes fast!  We need to change our experiences to change our life!

If you are looking to do your most HIGH PURPOSE WORK, heal, have the best

relationships ever and BOSS your fear…


Then let me be your mentor on this journey, because between you and me, I have

the inside scoop.


See, I am not just a Spiritual Life Coach, I have also manifested BIG goals in my life

that I set out to be and have!


I also have failed at some, which makes me only honest and transparent. I have

zero shame and will teach you how to release the past like a bad kiss!


I have grounded down and once again, re-invented myself, and as a result, I have

enjoyed complete abundance in all areas of my life.


I will help you navigate around whatever blocks are in your way, so that you can get shit


If you want to:


 Wake up every day feeling blessed

Connect to your true self and God, even on bad days

Disconnect from the bullshit and drama of your past

Surround yourself with people that want to grow

Pay your bills doing what you love working less hours

Have choice and freedom in how you spend your days

Get creative

Take care of your physical self to feed your spiritual self

Realise your true essence and gain confidence to take the next steps

Then this course is for you, and don’t waste another minute because this coming

year is your transformation year.

We are being joined by RACHEL DELANEY


Her true gifts are TEACHING you how to be more present, gain more clarity so that

you can elevate your vibration to a state of Joy and walk the path of your Soul!


The Human Design is made up of your Soul Purpose and your Life Purpose.

The Purpose of Life is Growth and Expansion.

Our Souls manifest on Earth to experience whatever they need to experience to add the growth of the Universe.


Your Life Purpose is the story of the who you are in this incarnation. This story is encoded in your energy blueprint as well as in your genetic and epigenetic lineage.

At the moment of your birth, your Soul Purpose integrated with your Life Purpose to create the once-in-a-lifetime event that is YOU!


What is the Human Design Chart? 


It is also known as the Body Graph. It is a visual representation of the sum of human possibilities and energies. The entire archetype of humanity is contained within the structural framework of the chart. All the possibilities for the expression of being human appear here. The body graph shows us the different ways we love, hate, lead, follow, learn, know, grow and so much more.


The chart also shows your best strategy for making money, having great relationships, being healthy and staying creatively fulfilled. Your unique chart helps you understand how you work and how to best make your life work for you.