I am sure that word triggered some kind of an emotion in you and even if you paid close enough attention, you can recognize it in your body!

Sure, they say money isn’t everything.


Although it isn’t oxygen, food or water, can we really LIVE this great life without it?  Where have we gone in our thinking that “settling” for this or that is ok?  Is just “OK”, ok?  Has that what we have come to? Is that the life you want to live or is that the life you come to believe you deserve?

I really don’t think it matters if you are 21 or 51 years old, I believe what matters is your desire and the grit that you are willing to put in to making this your best life ever. 


The calling that you “feel”. 


Sometimes, people can’t “hear” it, which, leads to confusion. But, they can “FEEL” the pull.  The need to move forward in a direction sometimes they cannot understand. 


I get it. Been there, done that and continue to RISE to my own callings well before they make sense.  

This 3 day course is one of those callings!

Come with me on a

 into a better understanding of Abundance. 

I have overcome some huge obstacles financially and continue to bust through some more. Let me show you a very different perspective possibly than you have ever had.


I am going to send you each day for 3 days some of the most valuable lessons I have learned!  I am bringing real life shit with the metaphysical science and studies to life, showing you  some simple ways to get in a higher vibration into Abundance!

You have DECIDED that you are done being in Scarcity!  I don’t need to explain that one, if you have been there,  you know what it feels like and want to end that shit like yesterday.

You feel the resistance like every. damn. day. when it comes to money, paying out and paying bills. 

You have thought of bankruptcy in past or have lost sleep over thinking about money.

You go up and down in money making or have to stick to the dreadful word of “budget” that makes you cringe.

You just know you were born to live like a Rockstar and want to be the Champion You!




There will be a Module that drops in your inbox each day for 3 days.



You will also be added to a Closed Abundance~ Spiritual Money Mastery FB community with others that want to grow their wealth mindset, their bank account, their vibe and be on the same mission!



You will get me in there doing a FB LIVE each week on another aspect of money!



I will be giving gifts out and even Cash to my members! I have lots of surprises!  This is really the beginning of something amazing for both of us!  I am creating a space for you to grow in Abundance!  That is why you should join me!  We are taking Money Manifestation to another level!

Money is not something that has come easy for me. This is one of my main missions and lessons in life and I want to teach you what it has taken me to open up to the income and more importantly to the happiness I feel today!


I have a big story and it matters and so does yours.


So you can come with me on this journey in creating a bigger mindset day by day and bust through some money paradigms OR you can continue to struggle in that scarcity story.  Afraid to press PAY NOW for the things you want but feel you don’t deserve!


 Oh, you get bonuses too, YAY!  I have created some Phone Wallpapers so that you can focus on what you desire and are creating daily…

So if your ready for the vacations you deserve, the handbags you desire but, feel guilty about getting, the clothes you want to buy, the college you need to pay for, the retirement you want to save for, the better education you want for yourself, the massages, the nails, and the absolute BEST part of being ABUNDANT is the CONTRIBUTIONS and VALUE you will be giving to the world and those that truly cannot help themselves, than….

One Payment of just $97!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unleash the Champion within and let’s get ready to manifest some money!!!!!!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - Unlocking The Vault to the Vibrations

    • Abundance Module 1: Welcome
    • Abundance: Module 1
    • Abundance: Module 1 - Playbook
    • Abundance: Module 1 Bonus
  • 2

    Module 2 - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

    • Abundance Module 2: Welcome
    • Abundance: Module 2
    • Abundance: Module 2 - Playbook
    • Abundance: Module 2 Bonus
  • 3

    Module 3 - Go Big and Create Your Next Level Life

    • Abundance Module 3: Welcome
    • Abundance: Module 3
    • Abundance: Module 3 - Playbook
    • Abundance: Module 3 Bonus