Hey! I'm Anna Gaspari

My Passion Project is in Gathering and Empowering Women to realise their Highest Badass Self!

I am the owner of The Spiritual Grind™, a Digital Course Creator, a Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneur’s and teacher in Metaphysics. I'm here to teach you how to turn off the distractions of this busy world, to recognize your Ego mind and listen for the silent whispers so you can rise and embrace your calling. You know you are destined for more and sometimes you may even feel “guilty” for all you have and still feel empty or like something is missing.

I totally felt that way...

In 2006, I went through a life crisis that led me to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.

Sometimes some of the old egoic fears still try to creep in and tell me the stories it used to because as we grow spiritually, the Ego mind gets more sophisticated, more sneaky and more cunning. Since becoming a Spiritual Life Coach I’ve helped hundreds of people start and continue on their own spiritual journey. I am excited to share all the spiritual teachings and lessons that I have learned throughout my life within my VIP membership and via the one-off teachings. You are 100% supported by the Universe, especially when you are coming from a place of true authenticity of SELF.

Are You Ready For Act II Of Your Life?

Are you ready to recognize the difference between EGO and SPIRIT and identify who you really are?

  • Learn how to SHIFT out of limiting beliefs QUICKLY and with EASE

  • Strip back the layers of who you think you SHOULD BE and become who you TRULY ARE.

  • Step into a life of PURPOSE and PASSION and navigate life like the MIGHTY WARRIOR you are!


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