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Self Mastery begins here...

Are you ready to clean house?

(Not really clean your house, lol)

Are you ready to start your journey home to your true authentic self?

Are you missing something or feel out of alignment?

Do you "DO" personal growth but cannot seem to make that "shift" that everyone seems to talk about?

You may even be on what you know to be your spiritual path, but just can't seem to connect with Universal Source?

You are positive, so you thought.

Sometimes you even feel like a fraud.

Do you continually find yourself in the same negative emotional place over and over?

1 step forward and 5 steps back?

You love the idea of personal growth, but a part of you doubts you even know that you are "doing" it right. 

 You have positive words on your T-shirts and paraphernalia and know "spirituality" is sexy, but what the heck does it really mean to be "SPIRITUAL"?

You have dreams to build and you may even know exactly what to do!

But how do you get behind the energy of those dreams so that it pulls you forward instead of you dragging it around aimlessly or that dreaded feeling of TRYING! 

 What is this "EASE" thing all about and does that really happen?

HECK YEAH! It really does! I'm ready to help you cut through the BS in a way that you can understand!

If you are ready to unchain the shackles that hold you prisoner to the lies of your ego mind.......... 

Then I created this course just for you!

It's called A Course In Self Mastery

A Course in Self Mastery

In this 5 week course you will discover how to:

~Awaken and Rise up in your authentic divine consciousness

~Identify the voice in your head that holds you back

~Channel what excites you into what sets your soul on fire so that you can fully live your dreams

~Take responsibility for your own life and results

~Find more peace and joy in your heart

~Find a better perspective on your relationships and value others deeper

~Remove as much suffering from the EGO mind as we can in 5 weeks

~Allow infinite freedom in your life to create your personal guidebook, instead of just continuing to follow society's rules

~Unite with a tribe of like minded individuals

~Create space in your life so that you will become the best version of yourself possible

A Course in Self Mastery Is:

A 5 week course that will blow you away and awaken you into a higher vibration and level of divine consciousness!

ACISM includes:

Week 1~ The Meaning of Self Mastery and Becoming Your Own Champion

Week 2~ What it takes to become the master of your Ego Mind

Week 3~ Your Story, honouring your feelings and the Creation Process

Week 4~ Your Prophetic Voice and the truth on Affirmations

Week 5~ Raising your vibration and Creating the Highest Vision for Self and Creating a life you adore

Each week you will get worksheets to fill out aligned with the lesson to help you on The Spiritual Grind! 

Monthly Live in our private Facebook group with me answering all of your questions!


A private FB group for members of the course where you will have my full attention and I will guide you even deeper if needed!!!  

This one I am super excited about....

I am giving each member a 30 Minute Coaching Call!

Testimonies from some ACISM badasses...

"I was hesitant at first to sign up for ACISM as I had done years of therapy and read many "self help" books and never saw a change so why would this be any different? I was still my same old miserable "self". Well I am now here to tell you, Anna is authentic and full of positive, healing, inspirational energy! Her way of teaching is novel and you will NEVER find anything like this! She is a brilliant, compassionate, beautiful person inside and out. Today, I have an "action plan" for life with no turning back and I am so grateful. If you are looking for "something", feeling lost, confused, scared, afraid, sad, stuck, or desperate like I was is your answer! Trust me a major shift is yours for the taking if you are done with living in the darkness." - T.M

"Hi my soul sisters and mentor Anna Gaspari. Wanted to say how grateful I am for being in this group and have had the ability to connect with each of you. If Anna hadn't done this, I would have never met you all and been able to go on this amazing journey. This has changed my life. They say there are no coincidences. Perfect timing? When the student is ready the teacher appears!!!" - T.M

"This journey has been such a blessing.... I just got a phone call from my dad... I work for him... he wanted to thank me and tell me how valuable I am to the business!! You have no idea how wonderful that was to hear . I honestly believe because I'm vibrating on that level I am receiving these gifts . Priceless gift!! Thank you everyone for being a tribe of beautiful, loving women with such giving and non judgement hearts!!" - T.P

"Wanted to say Thank you so much for all the inspiration and support from everyone in this group! I've learned so much and feel equipped for for everything that comes my way!! Definitely don't feel so much anxiety about what I "should " be doing! Sending to all you! I feel so blessed to be on this spiritual journey with each of you!" - T.P

"I am so grateful to you Anna for opening my mind my heart my pain my fear. For helping me to start some real deep rooted healing to start. For digging deep facing my fears in order for my light to shine. I am so grateful for this awareness. I just continue to have so many breakthroughs and understanding of why I have behaved in the past and why have responded in the way that I have in the past. I'm really starting to feel free and light (but totally emotionally exhausted). I feel so safe and lifted up in this group. What a gift!!!!!" - T.A

"A Course in Self Mastery" with Anna is a course that WILL bring you clarity where you never thought possible; WILL allow you to heal from the stories you've been telling yourself; WILL allow you to be in control of your higher self, your light; & WILL allow you to shut the EGO mind off, and begin to write a new & improved story! Let the past go once and for all. It's not easy, but anything worthwhile isn't easy." - L.G

A Personal Message From Anna:

It is not an overnight success, but it is a beautiful, loving journey home to that amazing spirit of yours!!!! You deserve to connect with YOUR truth and allow nothing to keep you from your ultimate purpose. If you're ready to press play on life, take this journey with me!


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - The Meaning of Self Mastery

    • ACISM Module 1
    • ACISM Module 1: Course Handout
    • ACISM Module 1: Course Slides
  • 2

    Module 2 - The Difference Between SELF & EGO

    • ACISM Module 2
    • ACISM Module 2: Course Handout
    • ACISM Module 2: Course Slides
  • 3

    Module 3 - Your Story and Your Purpose

    • ACISM Module 3
    • ACISM Module 3: Course Handout
    • ACISM- Module 3: Course Slides
  • 4

    Module 4 - Clearing Space for your Desires

    • ACISM Module 4
    • ACISM Module 4
    • ACISM Module 4: Course Handout
    • ACISM Module 4: Course Slides
  • 5

    Module 5 - Owning Your Truth and Declaring it to the World

    • ACISM Module 5
    • ACISM Module 5
    • ACISM Module 5: Course Handout
    • ACISM Module 5: Course Slides