Ego & Resistance - The Illusion of the Mind

What would living a fully aligned life feel like? Join me in this deep dive into the topic that started me off on my own spiritual journey. This double lesson will help you differentiate between your spirit and your mind, because feelings never lie, but your ego does.

  • Resistance - The Search for Bliss

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    As you learn to differentiate between between your ego and your spirit, you can see and feel the ways in which you are resistant to your growth. When the goal doesn't match the commitment, you are going to need to employ hacks to trick your ego mind. Learn how to do just that with this lesson.

  • EGO - The Esoteric Skin of the Soul

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    The EGO is the opposite of love, it's a place where fear goes. If you are guilty of complaining, blaming and denying, you are being ego led and this is when you will see the resistance rising. This lesson will teach you how to keep the ego in check.

Course curriculum

Watch the video and then complete the Self Mastery Assignment to really bed in what you've learned. Revisit this course whenever you feel you need it.

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