Not for nothing my love, do you notice all the anxiety around you?

Seeping in, taking hold, paralyzing you with complete fear so much that your Highest Self is drowned by all of the noise.

She should not be suffering like that.  

She should be LEADING you on a daily basis.

But, it seems you are letting your EGO lead the way.  Checking in to what is happening “out there” first before TUNING into Her!

She is begging you to stop and listen.

You are not sure what to do any longer. 

You are trying to do what everyone is doing but you were not born to do that.  You are fighting against your nature.

Maybe it is Instagram.  Yeah, ok, if I wear a thong and sit on a chair posing just the right way, or no wait, maybe I should place my computer at a cafe and look happy even though my vibes are super low and I am scared as shit, oh wait, no. I will expose different body parts to “attract” the right people instead of just being me because being me is no longer good enough.  I want what that girl has, so I will do what that girl is doing, yeah.  She looks happy.  

Is my grid good enough?  Do I have enough emojis?  Am I on the algorithm? Can I copy and paste something? 

Is my wording professional enough?  Am I going to offend anyone?  Do I need to capture my every moment? Let me take a pic of my salad and waste more people’s time and act like they care. 

Yeah, I guess so, that is what “they” say.

Ok, so this is just less than probs 60 seconds of your Ego Minds activity a day, and just writing it, I am literally exhausted.

Can you imagine the life force energy this is taking up in your precious life?

  We have up to 75,000 thoughts a day and each morning we wake up and think 80% of the same ones as the day before.

Can we say, ‘HELP’!!!!


Let me ask you.  

When is the last time you got your World Rocked?

When is the last time your Rocked Your Own World?

You can pleasure yourself, you know?

If you are waiting for someone else to tickle your fancy or come and light you up, it won’t happen.

You are either not allowing it to happen by some shitty ass habits or You are not honoring your Unique Soulprint.

It is busy out there!  People have so much information that is free.  Products everywhere, services everywhere.  

The same people that want FREE inspiration or activations wondering, why they can’t SELL!


People are not going to pay you for your information, your product any longer love.

They will, however, pay you for your energy.

Your badassery and your TRUTH!!!!

What is going to make you stand out?

Ok, cleavage and your ass crack could be one for about another 4.5 seconds.

Maybe enough for someone to blow up the screen and judge a bit and move on, not gonna lie. But, are you going to sell your soul to the devil?  Are you going to conform to the society and very box you fight against?

On screen it is about 1080px X 1080px, but inside of you it is an energy field that is endless.

It is vast and powerful and deserves your attention.

Girl, you need to sell it!

BUT first, you need to be sold on yourself.  Enough with the, “WHEN I GET… I WILL THEN….”

How will anyone else buy YOU when you are not betting on yourself?  And up until now, the stakes have been high. Your dreams.  You are losing the dreams you keep betting on.

Betting on yourself is the sure way to win!

Or you can continue to be afraid of your darkness.

Be afraid to look at the shadow that is holding you back.

Afraid to see Her for who she really is.

For what She Can Really Do.

For Who She Can Really Be!


Let me tell you something Lady,

Luck will be on your side when you are Bold.

When you claim your SEXY AF SELF!

When you are confident.

When you are connected to Her and when you stop being afraid of the Genius within.

Stop enmeshing with the outside world and get clear on what is happening in the inner world that has you creating the same fears, the same income, the same story.

What you are seeing “out there” is just a reflection of the mess inside of you that no one has been able to break through and teach you how to reprogram yourself and re code up until now. (Where I come in:)

It is time to Embody the Dragon within, Lady Luck! 

Lady Genius!

It is time to put down the sword and stop fighting the Light within, your Greatness and accept it, Girl!

Claim It!

Own It!

Make Love to It!

Breathe It!

Know It!

Let her Roar!

The world needs your message!

Your course!

Your book!

Your products!

Your Energy!

Take this Inner and Outer Journey with me starting May 4 (New Moon) with my 4 week program, Girl, Sell It!

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Claim your SEXY AF SELF right NOW and say YES GIRL,

I am in!!