The Empowered Empath

The day I really understood what an empath was, and that I was empathic hit me like a thunderbolt.  

I was in complete shock! It was hard to take at first, because I realised then how I had continuously sabotaged myself , simply by not knowing or understanding how I was taking on the energy of other people, places and things, and how damaging that was to me.

Empath’s have a distinct sensitivity to the energies around them and can easily be taken advantage of. If you feel crazy at times, like your mood fluctuates depending on the environment you’re in and who you’re with, you probably have the empathic gift so it’s vital you learn how to look after your own energy.

Being empathic is a beautiful thing, it allows you to really connect and help awaken others. 

Make the most of this wonderful, creative gift with this Empowered Empathic Masterclass.

Course curriculum

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    The Empowered Empath Masterclass

    • The Empowered Empath
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