Your work is a huge force for the good of humanity!

Are you ready to be part of the solution for the New Wave of Leadership?

We have one tiny problem that we first need to address while on this powerful journey.

Identify, remove and map out a new definition of success!

Way at the bottom, opposite of where we need to be to shine bright!

Shame is the destructive energy we hold in our bodies and being, that represses and denies our Divine in the world.

Shame is the silent killer. One step above death in the map of consciousness.

It took me years to even recognize this invisible emotion that was lying to my soul. 

When shame is present, and we don’t know where it is, we then learn to distrust our own inner guidance system.  Which, in turn, we learn to not trust anyone or anything else. Holding onto shame tells us to build a wall, where not only can we not shine our light, but we block receiving the love and abundance we are worthy of.

Brene’ Brown calls it: 

“the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore, unworthy of love and belonging.”

Did you ever feel like you were broken? Like you didn’t belong anymore?

We all have had those run in’s with the “mean girl’s at the lunch table”, as I like to call it. My memories of these times were anchored into me and I didn’t even realize it. I unknowingly carried it around and brought it into everything I did.  These are powerful experiences to guide us to our authenticity and humility as human. 

But, and there is a big but…. You cannot BE your Purpose from a place of shame.

So my dear soul sibling, 

This 6 week course/workshop is happening and I couldn’t be more excited to share what is calling me!

You block The Law of Attraction from working when you have strong feelings of guilt and shame!

Come with me on a

6 Week Journey

Are you ready to set yourself FREE????

You are going to Lean into Your Power! You will learn to trust, believe and emotionally connect with your inner confident leader. We are going to CLAIM this state of Conscious Leadership as done unto the Universe.  You have been called.  You must’ve been knocking. The universe is delivering a package to you here and it does have YOUR name on it!

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful but, it doesn’t make you weak

I am holding space for 10 Courageous Women in a Magical Container to Spread Your Wings in “The Unashamed Leader” coaching circle!

Why should you take this journey with me?

~You are born to be and do only what YOU have been called to, that time is NOW

~It is time to Honor the Leader within

~You feel it to your core that this is where your shift is and are ready to connect to your Conscious Leader within

~You have awoken 

~You are ready to meet your new Spiritual Tribe that are on the same path

~I have created a container with the capacity for you to release and see YOUR  TRUTH to be the leader you’re starting to remember

~You are more than worthy of manifesting your desires

~You know this is bigger than you

~You are ready to be a 

Miracle Minded Leader

~You are ready to rise to your calling

~You are ready to step into your Queen Leader 

~You are ready to create a Conscious Culture


6 weeks consisting of a module each week that is self study

A closed Facebook group for your tribe to connect

Journaling each week that you will be guided through to call upon your subconscious

A weekly group coaching ZOOM (always recorded) to connect and hold each other in a high vibration

Weekly meditations 

Affirmations to support your journey

Unlimited Messenger voice coaching to support you

Week 1 ~ Remembering  your Inner Goddess Leader (committing) 

Week 2~ Conscious Leadership, Going from Blaming to Claiming

Week 3~ Letting go of being Right, the Ego’s Chief Weapon for leaders

Week 4~ The Healing Process

Week 5 ~ Dreams over Drama and Staying above the Fray

Week 6~ Your Mighty Power of an Eagle- CLAIMING IT AS DONE!

This EPIC-NESS runs for 6 weeks.

Modules drop each Saturday Morning via email

ZOOM room set up for weekly check in

This is for the Divine Goddess that is tired of getting caught in the crossfire “OF THE WORLD”!

 Is she afraid? Heck yeah! And bringing it hard!

She knows she cannot do it alone and has been seeking the right space and knows this is it.

You are more scared of what is inside you then what is out there! 

That is what I am here for! 

I am holding that space for you!

So if your ready for to step into the ESSENCE of your 

High Vibe Leader Goddess….

What's included:

  • 1

    Module 1

    • TUL Module 1: Welcome
    • TUL: Module 1
    • TUL Module 1 Course Slides
    • TUL Module 1: Wisdom Guide
    • TUL Module 1: Meditation
    • TUL Module 1: BONUS - The Unashamed Leader's Prayer
  • 2

    Module 2

    • TUL Module 2: Welcome
    • TUL: Module 2
    • TUL Module 2: Course Slides
    • TUL Module 2: Wisdom Guide
    • TUL Module 3: Meditation
    • TUL Module 2: Bonus - Stepping Into My Queen Energy
  • 3

    Module 3

    • TUL Module 3: Welcome
    • TUL Module 3
    • TUL Module 3: Course Slides
    • TUL Module 3: Wisdom Guide
    • TUL Module 3: Meditation
    • TUL Module 3: Bonus - A Different Light
    • TUL Module 3: Bonus - A Different Light
  • 4

    Module 4

    • TUL Module 4: Welcome
    • TUL: Module 4
    • TUL Module 4: Course Slides
    • TUL Module 4: Wisdom Guide
    • TUL Module 4: Meditation
    • TUL Module 4: Bonus - Healing and Forgiveness
  • 5

    Module 5

    • TUL Module 5: Welcome
    • TUL: Module 5
    • TUL Module 5: Course Slides
    • TUL Module 5: Wisdom Guide
    • TUL Module 5: Meditation
    • TUL Module 5: Bonus - Our Deepest Fear
  • 6

    Module 6

    • TUL Module 6: Welcome
    • TUL: Module 6
    • TUL Module 6: Course Slides
    • TUL Module 6: Wisdom Guide
    • TUL Module 6: Meditation
    • TUL Module 6: Bonus - Intention Statement

I'm so in!

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