Spiritually Boss is the two in one Membership for the Awakened Entrepreneur!

Spiritually Boss is getting paid to be who you are in the world!

This is a place to learn how to run a “Successful” business with no rules but fierce in the boundaries of your Soul's Purpose!
We are learning how to rely on the Universal Laws and CO-creating with our calling rather than burning out on our own strength!

We are going to learn the principles of an enlightened and empowered BOSS!

  • Make FULLER and FULFILLING decisions

  • Solve problems with ease

  • Trust your inner guidance system

  • Own your story without staying in the energy of it

  • Embrace failures daily so your successes taste so sweet

  • Learn how to open up and accept the abundance that is trying to come to you

You know there is more to life

You're SO done with struggling to find your groove and flow!

We are done holding back here due to fears!

Spiritually Boss is defining our terms of Success!

We are no longer chasing, we are cracking this girl wide open to the Spiritually Boss Babe inside and unleashing the greatness within!

She is stepping out

She is rising up

She is owning her truth

She is locked and loaded

She has wisdom and light to share

She is fierce

She is free

She is wildly successful

She gets what she wants

She has no limits

She is an abundant creator

She is Spiritually Boss


Your Spiritual Business Team

Anna Gaspari

Anna Gaspari

Spiritual Self Mastery Coach

We live in a loud, busy world. I will teach you how to turn off the distractions, recognize your Ego mind and hear the drowned out silent whispers in order to rise to your calling.

You know you are destined for more and sometimes you may even feel “guilty” for all you have and still feel empty or like something is missing.
Mandy Tinglert

Mandy Tinglert

Copywriter, Designer, Email & Automations Whizz

Sian Stapley Ellis

Sian Stapley Ellis

Web Designer and Canva Whizz

What our Members say

“Having a website that looks incredible and being able to launch my signature online coaching program with sales funnels and automation, has given me confidence and empowered me to reach women all over the world in the online space.”

Sally Denton - Female Empowerment CoachSally Denton - Female Empowerment Coach

“The result: a new me, more confident sassy and strong and a new website, i know now that I can take on the world, that I can be taken seriously and I can showcase me and what I’ve got to offer absolutely anywhere.

Anna, Sian and Mandy, I could never have gotten to this place without you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Kelly Williams HappyU xx”

Kelly Williams - Happiness CoachKelly Williams - Happiness Coach